Why You Need a Geri Chair in your Home

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You can usually spot a Geri chair in most elderly health care facilities and private homes where an elderly is living with the family. It is one of the most helpful pieces of furniture when it comes to taking care of a patient. It is sturdy, functional, convenient, and comfortable which is why it is a blessing to both the care giver and the patient. The chair comes in different designs and features that provide answers to the needs of the patient and the health care provider.

Geri chairs can serve as wheelchairs when the care giver wants to move patients from one place to another. The narrow size of the chair makes it possible to pass by small hallways and doorways. The built-in trays let the care giver feed the patient whenever and wherever. The trays also make administering medications easier. The Geri chair was designed to minimize discomfort in both the user and the health care provider. The lumbar region or the lower back is given proper support when the chair is in upright position. This is because the chair has a contoured back. It also has enough support for the neck because of its adjustable headrest. All these features make it the best chair for patients who need to be in a sitting position for a long period of time. Those who are recuperating from surgery or physical trauma can benefit from the reclining feature of the chair. The foot elevation feature makes it even more advantageous especially for those who need their legs to be elevated like those who are being treated with edema, fractures and leg debility. Care givers can easily restrain their patients whenever needed. This is especially helpful when the patient is mentally ill or needs to sleep.

The Geri chair is an essential part of a health care facility. It is not only used for elderly patients, but also for others who need to be kept in proper position to prevent further injury. The chair’s features makes reclining, sitting, and standing easier and more comfortable both for the patient and the care giver. Its light weight and mobility allows the patient to move from room to room for a change of scenery. It is the right tool for those who has a loved one to take care of at home or at the hospital. It can make the situation easier and stress-free. It can provide assistance that no other equipment can.

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