Why you SHOULD be Using Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tile Adhesive Dots

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Are you having carpet troubles? Are you tempted to rip out all of the carpet in a particular room? Converting to carpet tiles might just be the way to go if you’ve had an experience similar to the following disaster: the beautiful rug or wall-to-wall carpeting that you chose especially for that certain room to coordinate with your carefully assembled decor has been irreversibly doused in some bright red beverage—in the most obvious of spots in the room, of course—and no amount of club soda or stain remover will diminish its ruby red glare… your carpet is forever ruined. What now to do? Tear up the entire rug and replace it? Awkwardly rearrange the furniture around the room so that said spot is concealed? Claim that the red blight is an artistic statement? Or you can deal with this home décor catastrophe by altering the course of your interior design future via converting to this awesome carpet alternative.

Carpet tiles are square pieces of carpet that easily adhere to the floor and can be installed without any professional help. This cool carpeting alternative is available in various types, as well as a plethora of solids and patterns, allowing you to create your own, unique look. They are usually available in sizes ranging from 16” to 24” inches, and can be positioned for use as wall-to-wall carpeting, an area rug, an entryway or hallway runner, a doormat, a staircase runner, or any other creative use your mind can conceive. There are even outdoor varieties available which are perfect for porches, patios, and mudrooms. These handy-dandy tiles are incredibly easy to install, requiring no special tools, hours on your knees, or heavy lifting of large rolls of materials. They can be installed in multiple ways, depending upon your needs and wants: there’s the self-adhesive variety; there are tiles that can be glued to the floor; still others can be adhered with double-sided tape. (Placing the tiles without some sort of adhesive, while easiest and potentially fun-filled, is ill-advised for safety reasons.)  Best of all, carpet tiles are well-made, durable, and can handle all types of foot traffic. And as if that all isn’t enough to convince you, they are often much more economical than carpeting and expensive area rugs.

Now, for the gigantic advantage of carpet tiles over traditional carpeting or rugs: since the rug is actually separate tiles, a stained or damaged tile is easily replaceable without having to ditch the entire rug! So, in the scenario with which this article begins—that bright red stain is simply replaced with another, new and clean carpet tile. The carpet remains looking great and your beautiful home is spared any clumsily-executed, crime against home décor type of stain-hiding tricks. This advantage is a major saver of time and money. This one paragraph alone makes the case for using carpet tiles. However, when you also consider the monetary savings, availability of patterns and colors, myriad of styles, ability to create a unique design, ease of installation, and the enduring quality, carpet tiles become an amazingly fresh, out-of-the-box choice for your flooring needs.

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