20 Decorative Wine Glasses for Impressing Your Guests

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Here are some of the latest decorative wine glasses ideas. Any wine enthusiast would agree that there is certainly more to it than drinking and tasting wine; it is the experience! Creative wine glasses add to the experience of savoring delectable wines! Here are the most popular pieces that you must have:

A fill to the line wine glass is a creative wine glass that tells you how much wine you are going to drink. This is a regular wine glass with pink stripes that indicate the amount of wine. The stem is decorated with pink polka dots in a black background. You may use this or gift this to a friend who also loves to drink wine.

Charming hand-painted wine glasses will definitely make your wine tasting and drinking more dramatic. Grab a pair of wine glasses with hand-painted flowers for designs. There are also wonderful pieces such as hand-painted leaves, animals and colorful silhouettes. Most of these glasses are made by renowned artists so it would definitely cost a small fortune to purchase even a pair of wine glasses!

Wine glasses with glass figures on the stem are an item in a popular online store. There are different delicate glass figures to choose from such as a fierce dragon, a pair of penguins, a pink flamingo, a colorful angel fish, a pair of galloping horses and a cat in a tea cup. These glasses are unique works of art and are available for a limited number of time only.

How about some interesting sayings on your decorative wine glasses? Drink your favorite selection from these smart wine glasses that say: “Girls just wanna have wine” or “Liquid Therapy” on the glass. These wine glasses sell like pancakes online and you can find these in different colors and designs too.

Would you drink wine on a giant wine glass? Strictly for display only, this wine glass is so huge it can carry the contents of an entire wine bottle! Imagine a wine glass that is taller than the average wine bottle and is larger than one too! This is simply a great display item on your wine collection where you can place all kinds of stuff such as marbles or shells or serve cookies or chocolates in them! There are more decorative wine glasses online and also from offline wine shops. Happy wine glass hunting!

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