How Would Pinch Pleat Curtains Look in your Home?

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Pinch pleat curtains are ideal for larger window sizes. This specific curtain style can be applied to many interior decor styles, and has a timeless quality that blends well with both traditional and modern. This style of curtain is very common, with vertical pleats carefully ironed into the material to create a pleasant effect. Typically, this styling uses softer colors such as cream, duck egg green, rose, or beige. Curtains should be opened from the center, and when opened they still maintain a decorative effect. You can consider adding a sash above the window to enhance the aesthetic effect. Pleated curtains may also be used in combination with blinds or a second set of curtains, in which case they have a primarily decorative– as opposed to functional – purpose. This is a good option to consider if you have children in the house, as continual opening and closing can damage the pleating, which is difficult to re-impress. Pleated curtains can be made from a variety of materials, although natural fibers are best, as they tend to hold the pleats better.

Pinch pleat curtains are commonly used on wider windows, such as those within a living room or dining room. The curtains are often floor-length, even where the windows themselves are not full height. One disadvantage of pleated curtains is that even when they are fully opened, they do not allow the full amount of light through the window, as their billowing nature still blocks some sunlight. For this reason, they may not be suitable for installation in rooms such as kitchens or home offices, which are regularly used for work and household tasks throughout the day. Also, as such curtains are difficult to wash, they may not be ideal for use in rooms where food is prepared, like kitchens, or which are dirty and dusty, such as home workshops.

While there is a wide selection of curtains to choose from, curtains with a folding design are one of the most interesting ideas. Pinch pleat curtains will make your room both more interesting and appealing to the eye. Many people choose to display china and other possessions on the windowsills of windows fitted with pleated curtains. Such curtains are relatively expensive, due to the excessive use of material in their design, so it may not be economical to sue such a curtain design throughout the house, instead only using it for rooms in which guests are entertained.

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