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A modern gas fireplace has become one of the best heating solutions for many people. Back in the past, wood and coal burning fireplaces needed a chimney to facilitate the circulation of air and to emit the gases produced by the burning firewood. Chimneys are expensive to both build and maintain, and that’s without even thinking of the mess created during the process of cleaning a chimney. A gas fireplace eliminates all of these costs and troubles, as it does not require a chimney, due to its clean flame and minimal requirements for ventilation.

A modern gas fireplace also does not need fuel to be delivered. Gas is supplied through a pipe from your energy provider, and you do not need to go out to order or buy it, nor do you need to transport it to your house or wait for it to be delivered. In fact, gas is one of the simplest fuel types that you can use in your house, due to its regular supply, low maintenance requirements and clean flame.

Gas fireplaces incorporate superior and more modern technologies than wood fireplaces, and also does not have the potential for hot coals or embers falling out of the fireplace and beginning a fire in your house. Instead of a chimney, gas fireplaces use a flue, often made of a metal such as aluminum to direct gases and waste emissions out of your house. These flues do not require too much maintenance, although they should be checked from time to time to ensure they are not becoming blocked. A blocked flue could result in a build up of carbon monoxide gas, and so you should fit a carbon monoxide detector to ensure that the potential for this is eliminated. These detectors are incredibly cheap, and every house should have one or more.

Although the fireplaces themselves may be more expensive than conventional wood or coal fires, the money and time saved in the long run on fuel and maintenance will be worth it.

Gas fires can be installed in almost every room of the house, and the amount of heat they emit can be easily controlled, and so they are suitable for rooms of any size. Gas fires can be installed in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or home office. Many different designs of gas fireplaces are available, from those that imitate traditional wood burning fires to entirely modern and futuristic designs.

To help you decide whether a modern gas fireplace is right for you, why not look at a few pictures to see what styles are available, and whether a gas fire would fit within your budget?

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