Decorative Fireplace Screens – More Than a Fireplace Accessory

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Did you know that decorative fireplace screens are more than beautiful and intricate fireplace accessories? If you have a fireplace at home, chances are you also have a fireplace screen. And aside from decorating your fireplace and covering it when not in use, this fireplace accessory has other efficient uses:

Fireplace screens act as a barrier to keep embers, pieces of hot, lighted firewood and dangerous kindling. Sometimes we forget to keep the fire down and it continues blazing for a few moments and causes embers and wood pieces to fly out, sometimes even burning the first thing that it touches! Carpets, seats, wooden décor and other items that are near fireplaces are definitely at risk for burning. If you happen to sit in front of your fireplace as this happens, you will certainly suffer from a good second degree burn which could be very painful indeed! Remember, only a fireplace screen may be the only way to prevent all these.

Fireplace screens are not just eye candy for guests but also play a huge role in keeping dust particles from scattering inside the home. Fireplace screens made of wrought iron and fine metal or aluminum screen will be able to significantly reduce pollution inside the home without significantly reducing the amount of heat that a fireplace produces. This is a very important accessory for homes which have family members with allergies and asthma. Smoke is not just a health hazard; it also makes the room stuffy, the carpet, living room seats, sofas, covers, curtains and mats dirty. Decorative fireplace screens will work well for keeping smoke out of your valuable home!

Some fireplace screens are built as a part of a fireplace facade and are used to cover the fireplace when not in use. A lock may be placed to secure the fireplace to prevent theft and to keep wild animals away. If you live in an area with significantly alarming crime rate or you live near a forest or area with small animals such as squirrels, bats and birds, you should consider using this kind of furnace cover.

Decorative fireplace screens make great focal points in any room. These also improve the value of your home by making it look stylish. But there are more uses to this than décor and you can bet that it can even save you and your family’s health and well-being too.

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