Great Fireplace Remodel Ideas for Your Old Fireplace

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There is a lot of interesting fireplace remodel ideas and if you are looking for the best that will suit your needs then read on for the best ideas yet.

Before considering a makeover for your fireplace, first conduct a thorough assessment of your fireplace. If you use your fireplace often then you should be keen on maintaining your fireplace at least once a year to ensure that it is working in perfect order. First thing to look at is the fireplace trim, mantel and the inner walls of your fireplace. Are there any loose bricks, cracking components and the accumulation of dirt and grime? You would be better of hiring a professional fireplace maintenance contractor to be able to inspect, clean and repair your fireplace inside and out. After your fireplace has been cleaned and repairs have been made, you are now ready to remodel.

One of the best fireplace remodel ideas is applying a new coat of paint. This could be paint to match your wall color or an eclectic color that will make your fireplace stand out. Paint from the inside and out and don’t forget to paint your mantel too.

Remodeling your fireplace mantel is easy; simply add new ornaments to make this area look like it was installed yesterday. Use tall vases filled with colorful blooms; use an enormous and elegant mirror which could be set on top of your mantel. As they say, mirrors make the room look bigger! Other ornamental pieces that you could place on you mantel are simply according to your tastes. If you love to read then you could place a few books that you personally like on your mantel. If you love soccer then this could be a great spot to feature a framed photograph or a rare soccer ball collection. Your mantel could reveal a lot about your personality and therefore make the most of it.

Fireplace accessories will also make any old fireplace look just like new. Choose charming fireplace screens. There are so many different shapes, sizes and designs of fireplace screens and it may be hard to find one. Measure your fireplace before you make your purchase; it should cover the entire face. Screens are not just ornamental pieces but will also protect you from burns and indoor smoke. Take note that all these fireplace remodel ideas are easy to do but will work magic on your old and rundown fireplace.

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