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Inground swimming pools are built directly into the ground, not placed above ground like many cheaper and portable alternatives that you can buy for a few hundred dollars. Just as the name suggests, a hole must be dug so that the top of the pool is flush with the earth surrounding it. Usually such pools are built in a house’s backyard, and it is important to have a large, flat yard with good drainage. There are many types of in-ground swimming pools; fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl to name just a few. This article, however, is about the shape of pools rather than the materials used to create one.

It may be apparent, but the shape of a swimming pool is directly related to the space in which it will reside. Besides the shape, it is also related to the overall appearance of the swimming pool. If you do not have a large space in your garden or backyard, a round swimming pool is the best option. These are usually smaller and do no require specific angles to place the pool properly. Inground swimming pools which have a circular or oval shape also give the house and yard a unique look. These types of pools are usually suitable for use by children, as they are not as deep or as long.

Make sure there is plenty of space around the pool on all sides. Not only is this essential for safety reasons, but it also prevents the pool from lying in the shade of a fence or tree, and also provides a space to relax by the side of the pool.

If space is not an issue around your home, it would be wise to invest in a rectangular swimming pool. This long style of swimming pool can be a place to exercise, relax, or swim leisurely when the weather is appropriate. It can also be utilized by many people at the same time, providing entertainment as well as a way to cool off during the summer months.

Inground swimming pools can be a great place to relax and refresh yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors during the warm summer months. The most important thing about having a pool, however, is maintaining it with proper cleaning and chlorination. There are many safety factors to also take into account, especially with children and pets around, so you may wish to also install a fence around your swimming pool for extra safety.


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