10 Elephant Wall Decor Ideas

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Elephants are one of the world’s most gracious, beautiful, and recognizable animals and elephant wall decor looks simply stunning on the walls of our homes.

Although there are two different species of elephants worldwide, found in Africa and Asia, what makes them all recognizable is their tough grey skin, large white tusks, giant ears, and most of all a long and curling trunk.

More than anything else, elephants are recognized and known for both their strength and wisdom, a collection of great qualities that aren’t often seen together in the animal kingdom.

If you want to depict and encourage these qualities in your home, bringing elephants into your wall decor could help you on your way.

Strength makes elephants a great addition in home gyms, or any family living rooms where you want to maintain strong relationships and characters. Wisdom is a fantastic quality to bring into any working areas, like study rooms or home offices.

Elephants have a calm attitude that you will want to instill into your working life.

Ivory, the material of elephants’ tusks, was once seen as a luxury home item because of its rarity, expense, and exclusivity. Since elephants have become endangered and humans were killing elephants for their ivory, its reputation became tarnished and its popularity dropped.

Wall murals are growing in popularity, especially the simple and quick to install decals that don’t require any professional assistance and are very inexpensive. Elephant wall decor can be made custom to your requirements, so if you adore elephants you can create a giant elephant decal to cover an entire wall and make a really big impact on your room, or you can add more, but smaller, elephant images around the entire room. The beauty of these decals is that you have control over the color and the size, so you can create the exact look of your dreams.

Canvases and framed artwork is another way to bring those elephant qualities into your home. If you’re an artist, this is your chance to get creative and let your hobbies and talents shine; the perfect image can be difficult and time consuming to find, especially something as specific as elephants, but if you can get your paintbrushes out, you can create your own unique elephant wall art.

Another type of wall decor, although slightly outside of the box, is shelving. Shelving is a home staple and popular interior design tool, but is rarely considered as ‘wall decor’, and we focus more on what we place on those shelves. When actually, adding shelving to our home should be considered more, as we can be truly creative and bring in elements that are unique, in a way that nobody else has.

For instance, instead of a plain wooden shelf with a few ornaments on top, a carpenter can create an elephant shelf where the trunk creates the actual shelf, or where a family of elephants tied tails and trunks form a platform.

Overall, elephants are fantastic animals that exude intelligence and power, and portraying these wonderful creatures in your home with elephant wall decor can bring those qualities into your living space.

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