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Cupcake home décor is a stylish spin-off that grew to popularity with the ‘shabby chic’ trend, that is proving its longevity. Shabby chic brought back worn and rustic style home décor into fashion, for a look that combines shabbiness and sleekness with cool and collected color palettes. It’s a part of the vintage revival where people are purchasing and upcycling older furniture pieces by sanding, painting, and decorating instead of purchasing brand new pieces.



Vintage-style furniture brought more interest onto vintage furniture from the mid-century especially, because it’s easy to get a hold of and also inexpensive compared to older pieces. With vintage-style appliances and décor, our attention was brought to Western mid-century cultures where women were less likely to work, home lifestyles were a lot slower than today, and home baking was a popular way to pass time and also provide for your family and friends. Cupcake home décor is a nod to what is now considered an art form; skilled baking of cakes and cupcakes that look as fantastic as they taste great. It’s also a way of representing hobbies and personality in home décor.



Depictions of cupcakes in the home, whether that’s in wall art, decorative pieces or within the soft furnishings like curtains and tablecloths, they give any room a retro, kitsch, and fun twist. With faster and longer working lifestyles, and 24/7 technology, cupcake home décor is also a sign of well-deserved indulgence and a treat for yourself instead of the constant eat-on-the-go and clean eating trends in nutrition today.

The shabby chic trend is really well known for its common pastel color palettes, and using a mixture of green, pink, blue, yellow, and purple pastels against lighter backgrounds of white, cream, or natural wood. Pastel colors also work well with cupcake home décor because of the colors used in home baking. Using food colorings helps cupcakes to achieve fun colors in the sponge and in the icing features, but pastel tones are the simplest to achieve in cupcake making, and arguable the most beautiful. Which is another reason why cupcake home décor ties in excellently with and makes the perfect partner for any shabby chic home.

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When it comes to cupcake home décor and how you want to use it in your home exactly, you have the choice between dedicating just one room to the trend, and decorating a little bit heavier with your cupcakes. Alternatively, you can be a little bit more subtle, but carry the theme throughout your entire home or a few rooms with smaller, but cleverly placed wall art and small ornaments depicting cupcakes.

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If cupcake home décor isn’t your style but you would like to pay homage to your enjoyment of home baking, you can be a little more abstract and functional in your style by displaying baking utensils in your kitchen instead of hiding away in kitchens and drawers. This will make your cupcake hobby more prevalent in your kitchen without embracing a kitsch and quirky trend.

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