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Wall décor stickers have slowly but surely become a great substitute for wallpapers. They enhance the appeal of a room with less time, money, and effort required than when applying wallpaper.

Other wall décor stickers also work doubly as promotional materials for companies. Whatever the purpose may be for applying wall stickers, it is a relatively easier process compared to applying wallpaper for the entire wall. However, it requires ample preparation for stunning results.


What you need to do to create a masterpiece even with just a simple wall décor sticker is to prepare your wall.

The sticker is a part of the theme of your room so you have to make sure that everything including the background goes well with your choice of stickers. It is practical and easy to polish and paint the wall before applying the wall décor sticker.

How to Apply Wall Decor Stickers

First and foremost, the wall should be washed to make sure that there aren’t any dusts. This will create a smooth surface for the sticker. Just make sure that the wall is thoroughly dry before applying your wall décor stickers.


Some wall décor stickers are not easy to remove or replace once you have applied them to the wall. You may lay out your design on the clean floor or table so you will know the proper placement of the stickers before finally applying them to your walls.

For better visualization you may use a painter’s tape to apply the stickers to the wall with their backing still intact. Through this, you can arrange the pieces for final composition.

Remember to create ample distance between the pieces. You can do this by drawing temporary marks with a pencil along the edge of the sticker backings.


After cleaning and drying the wall and the guide marks are in place, you can remove the backing from each sticker and apply them to the wall one piece at a time. You need to be careful when applying the stickers to the wall so that they do not form any umps or bubbles.

Start on one edge and then slowly smooth the piece with your hands. Smoothen and secure the stickers by rubbing each piece slowly with a squeegee with a flat, smooth object. The top covering can be removed once you are happy with the result.


For large pieces, it is best to ask for someone’s assistance. This will keep the wall décor stickers from sticking to itself once you peel away the backing.

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