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Above ground swimming pools (or raised swimming pools) are built above the ground, with their floor being positioned at ground level. This is the main type of swimming pool available, aside from in-ground pools. This type of pool is simpler to install than an in-ground pool due to the fact that you do not have to dig a hole to install it. These pools are much faster to construct and install. They are also much cheaper to install than in-ground pools.

Above ground pools are normally much more shallow than an in-ground pool, due to the fact that you cannot have a particularly deep pool standing above ground level in its entirety. Therefore, this type of pool is normally not ideal if you want to use your pool for swimming exercise, or for diving. It is, however, ideal for children to swim in, and for the entire family to use for relaxation during the warm summer months.

Since many designs of this type of swimming pool are made of plastic, it is relatively durable. If the pool is constructed from a frame and a material liner, the pool can be packed away during the winter months. It can also be transported with relative ease if it is of this construction type, and taken away on longer vacations. Once you have constructed the pool, the only thing that you have to do is fill the swimming pool with the water. That’s it!

Above ground swimming pools are easy to use. Simply lay out the plastic swimming pool on to a flat piece of ground, and then fill the pool with water. After that you can use the swimming pool for playing and swimming. When you have finished, just take away the supporting structure, drain the water, allow it to dry fully, and then fold and pack it away.

For more permanent above ground swimming pools, maybe you need to consider the design more carefully. Some people choose to add large sunbathing decks, as well as, of course, a set of stairs for easy access. All of this, however, depends on the size of your backyard. Maybe instead you would like a large patio area on which to keep the pool, and have just one or two small sets of steps to allow people in and out of the pool. The two types of above ground pools described have different advantages. Maybe look at the pictures of examples that we have collected to decide which type is ideal for you and your family.

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