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A fireplace is so often the focal point of a home, providing heat and light and a warm, cozy place to gather the family or to get lost in your thoughts as you watch the dancing flames. If you’re looking for a fireplace that offers all of this, plus innovation and a design that will redefine the architecture of your home, look no further than Town and Country fireplaces. The Town and Country product line is billed as “the original clean face gas fireplace” and it offers a wide variety of customizable, clean burning fireplaces. With looks beyond compare and wide open choices in both gas fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces, the Town and Country line is a must to be included in your gorgeous home.

Town and Country fireplaces are well-known for their expansive screens, richly abundant flames amid a background of marvelous masonry, wonderful white sand, radiant tumbled glass, or rambling river rocks. Fireplaces are available in elevated, corner, and see-through designs. And—as if those choices weren’t enough—Town and Country fireplaces are available in virtually any motif you can imagine. It’s often said that the wide screen fireplace has been redefined by this innovative line. A Town and Country fireplace is more than just a mere fireplace—it’s an architectural statement; it’s a sophisticated feature that remains all about a big, raging fire, rather than being overtaken by superfluous trim, annoying louvers, or totally unnecessary chintz.  A Town and Country fireplaces exudes an intricate, yet telling message of sophistication and style. Isn’t that what you want your fireplace to say about you and your home?

The amazing features of all Town and Country fireplaces are overly abundant, meaning that you and your home receive a truly customized and unique fireplace. Features include clean face wide screen formats, large ceramic disappearing glass, natural gas, propane, or wood-burning capability; battery back-up for operating during power outages, superior materials and construction, compatibility with Smart Home Control Systems, and porcelain panels in a variety of colors. Also included is electronic versatility in venting so that your fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Plus, you have the choice of a standard electronic ignition which converts into a standing pilot or the award-winning Maestro Control System, which provides an eco-friendly electronic ignition system, cutting fuel use by up to 74%. Additionally, the line of wood-burning fireplaces includes 48” linear, EPA qualified wood burning capacity, an 8-inch flu, AirWash technology that keeps the glass spotless while efficiently channeling airflow; interior panels that capture, retain, and radiate energy for high-efficiency heating; left swinging, right swinging, single-lever swinging doors; Boost air system for easy lighting; 150,000 BTUs, and a wide selection of optional Piazzetta surrounds. The possibilities are just about endless! With all these amazing features and the myriad of choices in design, Town and Country fireplaces are a rare gem in home décor and architecture. You and your home deserve a fireplace as beautiful and unique as you are.

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