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A home library is a wonderful area in your home and if you are looking for smart home library design tips then read on. Looking for the best home library style takes more than the right furniture and the ideal accessories, you should also have an innate love of reading and of books. As they say, the only way you can truly give justice to a library is to really love reading and books from the heart.

The first design that you may find interesting is creating a symmetrical bookshelf in a main wall. For instance, if you choose the wall where your fireplace is located you can then place bookshelves on each side. The number of shelves and divisions should be equal on both sides. On the other hand, if you have a prominent stairway, you may use the sides of the stairway near the banister to house your books. This is a convenient, ready to use bookshelf where you could place all sorts of books and periodicals.

If you have a small collection of books, you could use a shelf that is mounted on a wall. This is a very easy to construct home library design and requires only a few materials. You can make two, three or more shelves and it is easy to make more if you need more room as your collection of books expands. For larger book collections, try a ceiling to floor ready-built shelf unit. These are readily available from furniture outlets online and offline. Simply measure the wall where you want your bookcase installed and purchase accordingly. Consider metal or aluminum bookcases rather than wooden shelves since these are sturdier, will last longer and will look stylish in any home.

Aside from using smart shelves, you could use different accessories and accents for your bookshelves. Adding a few ornamental pieces will add personality to your décor. For instance, if you love fairytales and fiction; you could look for inspiration from characters or places that you have read about in your favorite books. A model of a steamship would recall scenes from Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin or a huge whale photo on your wall would bring justice to Moby Dick.

There are so many interesting home library designs to choose from. Remember that there are no rights and no wrongs when it comes to library décor and therefore you can do whatever you wish – this is your library after all!

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