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So you are hosting your first wine tasting event and looking for wine tasting party ideas. If you are hosting a group of novice wine drinkers, you might as well start with introducing your group to the basics of tasting, drinking and appreciating wine.

The first thing that you must consider for a novice group is to introduce them on how wine is basically made and the kinds of grapes that are used which basically influences the taste and the flavor of wine. A field trip to a local winery would be a great for discovering wine tasting party ideas, especially if you live near one or you could organize a tour even if you live in another state.

Taking into account the experience of your group, you could also invite wine enthusiasts or wine makers to your party if you could. A few words from an expert will help you and your members have a thorough insight of how to appreciate fine wine. An expert will definitely cover a lot of things that you cannot handle alone. From how the wine is stored, how it is tasted and what food goes with what wine, you and your group will absolutely learn a lot.

As the weeks go by, you can learn how to taste wine and how to drink it together with other food. Red wines goes well with meats and poultry while sparkling wine is perfect with fish and fruits. Have a pot luck so your members could bring different kinds of food that you are not aware of! Let them express the feelings and the tastes that they have felt while drinking a particular wine.

One of the most popular wine tasting party ideas is to use blind and non-blind tasting methods for your group. A blind tasting is not knowing the brand or any information about the wine while a non-blind is knowing the brand and all other information about the wine. Some say that a blind tasting event is a thrilling experience and allows one to appreciate wine without being influenced of the brand. A non-blind however is best for a novice wine drinker so that he could learn how to appreciate different brands and types of wine and soon develop his own favorites. Soon, your party themes could become more intense such as drinking wine while appreciating books, poetry and so many more.

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