A Complete Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Bamboo Chairs

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Bamboo chairs are used in outdoor living spaces because they can withstand the harsh sunlight and other harmful elements. However, they should be kept in a covered area such as a gazebo or covered patio. They should be stored indoors during rainy weather as too much exposure to moisture will make them weak.


They owe their grace and beauty to bamboo canes that can be bent into shapely lines. Their gracefulness should not fool you though. They provide a sturdy support for years if properly cleaned and cared for. They should be cleaned at least once a week to prevent damage and keep its beauty.


Regular cleaning of your bamboo chairs should include dusting using a soft feather or cloth duster or vacuum. A mild soap and water mixture may be used to remove daily grime effortlessly. When cleaning the joints and crevices, use a brush with soft bristles dipped in the soap and water solution. If the chair uses rawhide as bindings, it is best to use dry cloth as rawhide can easily get weak when exposed to moisture.


Aside from routine cleaning, you should also perform deep cleaning on your bamboo furniture at least once a year. Dirt may build up especially when your routine cleaning is not sufficient. For annual cleaning, it is necessary to use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the chair with water and detergent. Immediately after this is done, use a moistened sponge to remove soap suds from the furniture. You need to make sure that it does not absorb too much water so wipe it dry with a smooth, clean towel and leave to dry in the air. Once it is completely dry, apply a thin coat of bamboo wax to revive its luster.


You need not worry when drinks are spilled into your bamboo chairs. They do not easily penetrate deeply into the bamboo furniture although a light stain may be visible. The best thing to do is to clean it up right away before it dries and leaves a permanent mark on the furniture. The stain will easily be removed using a brush with soft bristles and a soap and water solution. In some cases, light sanding may be necessary which may remove the natural shine of your bamboo furniture. It is however easy to bring back its beauty by applying some wax then leaving it to air-dry.

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