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White Dressers With Mirrors

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A dresser with a mirror can really improve the appearance of your bedroom. Dressers and mirrors are almost inseparable, and many come as a combined unit. Without a mirror, a dresser can often look both out of place and flat and dull. If you want to buy these two pieces of furniture separately, then this is possible, too.

Dressers come in all shapes and sizes, from classical to modern. Some incorporate mirrors directly above the table surface and some beside it. Some are solid cabinets with draws, while others are more like tables, and have stools to accompany them. Take a look around at pictures of dressers, and you will see how many different types and styles are available.

A traditional dresser with mirror is generally of the aforementioned ‘table’ type, with several small drawers for toiletries, hair accessories and suchlike. You may want to keep a jewelry box on this type of dresser, next to the mirror. Normally, such dressers are wooden, and either painted white or are given a dark varnish finish. They are accompanied by a stool with the same finish and an upholstered seat. Mirrors on this type of dresser are usually large, oval in shape, and elegantly framed.

Antique pieces are often found for sale, although mirrors are commonly damaged or have black spots on them. Therefore reproductions may be a suitable alternative, with Victorian, Edwardian and French styles being some of the most popular, due to their elegance. Such table-like dressers are often considered quite feminine, and it is often the case that men prefer solid-block dressers, with a full set of drawers, and possibly some small cupboards included.

On the subject of drawers, there is really no limit to the number of drawers a dresser can have. While some have just three or four larger drawers, other designs incorporate upwards of ten drawers. Solid-block dressers also generally have less ornate mirrors, although the shape of the dresser body allows for a more modern design, and this type is becoming increasingly common in modern households. Period pieces in this style exist, with Art Deco pieces from the 1920s and 1930s fetching many thousands of dollars at auction in some instances! Whether male or female, a dresser with mirror is sure to be a welcome addition to your bedroom furniture, especially if it is an antique or in an antique style!

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