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Here are some fun kitchen tile backsplash ideas that can add both visual interest and durability to your kitchen! They can be a great investment and if you are willing to take a little time you can install them yourself.

In order to install them you will first need to select your backsplash tile, take a look at some of the kitchen tile backsplash ideas to help decide what size color and texture to pick for your backsplash!  You will also need mortar to adhere the tiles to the wall and grout to fill the gaps in between the tiles. Grout comes in almost as many shades as there are varieties of tiles, so select the closest color to your tiles allowing the attention to stay on your tile and not the space in-between.

Before you can start adding your backsplash you will need to measure your existing space. Don’t forget, once you add up the areas of all the different sections you want to add your backsplash to, add 10% to the total to cover any tiles that may need to be cut! You will want to use a wet tile cutter to ensure that the tile doesn’t crack or get ruined while you cut it. If you don’t have a tile cutter ask a local hardware store, some will cut the extra tiles for you.

Before you apply your kitchen backsplash, cover you counter so that mortar and grout don’t get stuck to it, ruining it. Also shut off the power to any of the lights/ appliances for safety concerns. Then move the appliances far enough away from the wall that you can apply the backsplash behind them. Don’t forget to wash your walls and repair any holes before you start applying the backsplash!

You will then need to apply the mortar to the wall where you plan on placing your tiles, apply it to approx. 2’ increments of wall at a time. This will allow for enough of the wall to be covered so you can add more than one tile without re applying mortar but not too much that it will dry out before you can place your tiles on the wall. Once you are done attaching all of the tiles to the mortar you will need to pre-seal the tiles, this step is particularly important if you have chosen a natural stone backsplash. Allow the mortar to dry completely before sealing; this will usually take around 24 hours. Apply the grout to the surface of all of the tiles then use a damp cloth to remove grout from the face of the tiles. Once the grout has dried you will need to seal the tiles once again. There you have some new kitchen tile backsplash ideas that will help you to install it yourself, saving time and energy!

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