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Peerless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

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A pull down kitchen faucet can be useful to clean out your sink or fill a large pot up with water. Essentially the end of the faucet partially detaches from the rest of it and stretches with a hose to allow for maximum flexibility. Some things to think about when purchasing a pull down faucet are how tall the faucet is, traditionally pull down faucets have a long arcing neck so ensure that it will not interfere with your cupboards or view! Also consider what the different spray options on the faucet are, whether you will use them, where the buttons are located and how easy they are to press.

What is the difference between a pull out versus a pull down kitchen faucet? A pull out faucet is attached to the base of the sink and the major difference between a pull down and a pull out faucet is as the name describes the direction that you pull it. A pull out will go at an upward angle while a pull down will, of course, come down. There are some other differences generally; the pull down version has a shorter hose inside so it will not reach as far. The pull out version typically has a stronger pressure while the pull down will splash less.

Some benefits of the pull down version is that it looks more cohesive as the entire faucet is in one unit. It also is more ergonomic as the downward motion works with gravity not against it. However there are complaints as well, because of the way the faucet end is attached, depending on the model, the head may look like it is disconnected from the rest of the tap in a resting position. Other issues involve the faucet being too far back reach easily so consider the depth of your sink and counter overhang before choosing this option.

Pull down kitchen faucets come in many different varieties, beyond the functional differences consider the aesthetic appeal. A pull down faucet with a coil spring around it can be a quirky and interesting however it can also look commercial or industrial while the completely contained version will look sleek and classic with a homey vibe. Before you purchasing a new detachable faucet consider all of these elements to make sure that you find the right fit for you.

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