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William Morris the founder of the Arts & Crafts movement, and an important historical figure within the design world once said, “Have nothing in your home, which you do not know be useful nor believe to be beautiful.” This statement came at a time when Victorian clutter from the emerging middle class ran rampant.  Morris asked us to question what we needed in our lives reducing the excess creating a movement that predeceased modernism. When looking for kitchen decorating ideas try asking yourself these questions to find the purpose of what you are adding and how it will help make your life better. Is it useful? Will looking at it bring joy to your everyday?

Decorating does not need to be seen as adding superfluous elements on shelves and surfaces, rather try incorporating form with function to allow for a useful and beautiful space that reflects who you are as a person. This being said your home does not need to become a bleak and cold modernist temple it can still be warm and familiar but will likely also be easier to maintain without all of the excess clutter. By reducing the number of items it will help to highlight and exhibit the ones that are most meaningful to you.

Try incorporating kitchen decorating ideas into the built elements within the room, think about the use of horizontal and vertical surfaces making the color, material and accents. Then mimic these elements in smaller functional features like jars for your utensils or hanging storage. Allow the elements of the kitchen, like a beautiful set of copper pots and pans that you love cooking with become a work of art hanging on the wall while they are not in use. Look at the architectural language of your kitchen, are the elements all straight and linier or curved and organic. By having both the small and large elements of the kitchen speaking the same architectural language you can ensure that it will look cohesive and that the smaller element will stand out while still looking as if they belong.

One of the reasons people love designing and decorating their spaces is that it is a way for them to tell the world what kind of person they are. So use this as an opportunity to express yourself through these kitchen decorating ideas.

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