Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing or Refinishing right for you?

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Kitchen cabinet refacing can have both advantages and disadvantages, but how do you decide if it is the right option for you? Some obvious advantages to refacing are the minimal costs compared to completely replacing your cabinets. This process is also faster and less invasive that replacing, as you do not need to get rid of your cupboards, you can use and get back to using your kitchen as quickly as possible.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a cosmetic solution; this means that it will not change the structural integrity, layout or functionality of your kitchen. If you have any existing damage to your cabinetry this will not solve the problem, instead it will only cover it up. Take a look at this before you decide if refacing is right for you. If you start the process and find areas where there is swelling from moisture or other water damage you will likely have to replace parts of your cabinetry in the end negating the cost savings of refacing. If there is damage to your cupboards your best bet is to replace them as this solution will get to the root of your problems and save you money over the long run.

Another time replacing your entire cabinetry would be favorable is if you are finding the kitchen lacks functionality. Whether that means that the layout or circulation is not working to its full potential or you simply lack storage, refacing your cabinets is not the right option here. Kitchen cabinet refacing is best for situations where your kitchen functions well and you do not intend to change the layout, only the aesthetic appeal with a new color or materiality. Keep in mind when refacing the interior of your cabinets will stay the same color and material as the original ones.

One important thing to keep in mind when deciding between replacing and refacing is the labor involved. While you will need to hire a professional to replace your cabinetry, keep in mind that it is recommended that you also hire one for refacing. The process can be quite difficult especially cutting the edges of the veneer or laminate in corners, making it look professional and clean.

Another crucial thing to consider is that if your cupboards are in a non-standard size they will be more difficult and expensive to find and replace doors for, increasing the overall price of the project. Keep these things in mind when decided whether kitchen cabinet refacing or refinishing is right for you!

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