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Looking for a way to add details to your kitchen that will make it stand out and look unique, why not try a wall mount kitchen faucet? By using a wall mount kitchen faucet instead of the traditional counter mount faucet you can create a light and airy look to your kitchen as it seems to be floating above as opposed to grounded to the kitchen counter. This application also frees up space allowing you to have a larger sink going right to the back of the counter. It can also help with everyday kitchen dirt and grime by elevating the faucet and handles, it is much easier to wipe down the counter top bellow reducing the buildup of germs.

A wall mount kitchen faucet is great as they are so diverse and come in many different styles! You can find varieties from conservative or antique faucets that can help enhance a classic or country chic kitchen. You can also find more modern or funky faucets to give yourself a cutting edge sleek and innovative look. With wall mounting your faucet you can add a lot of play and personality into the kitchen. Why not try changing with the height by raising it up to give a unique avant-garde aesthetic with a modern quirky tap. You could also change it up by putting both the handles on one side or offsetting the faucet and the handles to add some individual flare. The key is if you are going to play with the placement of your handles and tap don’t also differentiate the style of the three pieces or it will look like a messy mistake as opposed to an intentional design technique.

Before you decide on wall mount kitchen faucets you need to consider a few things. First whether this is an element of your entire kitchen renovation or the only thing you are replacing you need to think about how the water gets to the tap, do the pipes in your kitchen already extend above your counter into the back of the wall or will you need to call in a plumber – making this a much larger undertaking. Also consider the material of the wall that you will be mounting it too is it an existing backsplash, raised counter surface, drywall and how difficult will it be to attach to these different surfaces? Are you okay with making a permanent alteration to them? Will it they affect or distort a pattern on the existing wall? Once you have decided these things you are ready to pick out your wall mount kitchen faucet.

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