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What makes Fetco home décor picture frames different? Oftentimes, we take photographs and picture frames for granted. Now that pictures are simply stored in our computer’s hard drive or in our mobile phones, there seems to be no more need to use picture frames anymore! However, Fetco has changed all these with its fine picture frame products. Fetco gives a whole new meaning to collecting and cherishing memories with its one of a kind picture frame product line up.

Fetco frames are available in different sizes, shapes, number of pictures that it can hold and the material that the picture frame is made of. Fetco prides itself with great features that you should try out for yourself.

Fetco frames are made of metal, which is sturdier and will never lose its strength even if the frame is dropped several times! The frame ensures that pictures are preserved very well and will retain its beauty no matter what.

Fetco frames are versatile. Some models can be hung upright or in a horizontal position depending on the hanging hardware available and according to your images. And even if these are hung in any which way, you can be sure that you pictures are safe no matter what happens.

All Fetco photo frames are made with a glass photo protector that will ensure that your photos are safe. This protective glass will also ensure that your photos will never lose their color and will be free from moisture, dirt and grime.

Fetco home décor picture frames are available in different materials, shapes and sizes. You can find one frame or two to three frames in one product. There are also bronze, plastic, nickel and other metals as frames; you can even find a picture frame that will work for your home design.

Fetco picture frames will stand the test of time and will preserve your photos and prints no matter what the conditions may be. Maintenance and cleaning of each photo frame is not too difficult. You just need to dust each one by using a clean piece of cloth. For photo frames made of quality metals, you need to check out manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean and maintain these frames. You should never use homemade cleaning products or chemicals to clean Fetco frames unless indicated by the manufacturer. Each Fetco home décor frame is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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