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Small Wine Racks

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A small wine collection calls for small wine racks. Wine should be stored carefully and securely to protect its amazing flavor. A small rack can hold up to 12 bottles which could either be placed on a countertop or simply hung on a wall or from the ceiling. A small rack could be made of any type of material but the most popular still is wood. A wooden small rack will hold wine bottles securely and will never lose its rustic appeal. Here are a few great mini wine rack ideas that could help you shop for the most suitable one for your needs.

A traditional mini table wine rack is perfect for an evening dinner with guests. This small wine table is as small as a breakfast tray where you could place around three wine bottles on the top part of the table and there are grooves on the bottom part of the table to store wine glasses inversely. Just place this wine rack on your counter or on the dinner table so you do not have to stand up for a drink of fine wine!

A unique wine rack is available at and this rack is made of interlocking pieces of wood which could house around 8 bottles of wine. This wine rack is a perfect centerpiece on a cabinet or mantle or it could sit on a kitchen countertop to hold your favorite spirits. This will surely be a point of interest in your dining room too because of its minimalistic design and seamless shape.

Talk about a small wine rack, this mini wine holder is just a few pieces of wood with grooves to hold the body as well as the neck of four wine bottles. You can even take this wine holder anywhere just like a tray. Place it on your dinner table or on your countertop. This will allow you to display your best wines since the wine label could be easily read.

A small spice rack-like small wine rack could work for a beginner collector. This is a hanging wine rack that could house four to five wine bottles. The bottom part of the rack has grooves for hanging wine glasses too. This rustic wine rack is perfect to add some rustic charm in your home. You can easily check the label of your wines while keeping an eye on your supply too!

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