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Are you looking for a rustic wine rack? If your home has a rustic country interior décor then you will love decorating with rustic wine items. Wine has a certain country feel and almost anything related to wine seems to have a rustic charm. And what better way to display wine than in a rustic rack such as the following great ideas:

An old wine rack may be cleaned and refurbished to become a rustic display. Old wooden racks that look like large cabinets may be overhauled by cleaning the many shelves and inspecting each. You may sand dirty spots away and varnish this rack. When it is dry, take it inside and place your precious wine collection in. Wood has a rustic charm no doubt and it also is strong and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

You can even find a rustic wine rack made of metal. A kind of suspended rack is just like the teeth of a rake where wine bottles are hung from the neck. The metal rack has a hanging hardware that allows the rack to be placed on any level wall. Another metal wine rack that you can even make by yourself is made of simple crisscrossed metal wires the wires are simply positioned so that the entire body of the bottle as well as the neck is supported while it is stored.

What could be more rustic than a wine barrel? A wine barrel is a great source of recycled wood and you can either open up a wine barrel or remove each plank that make up a barrel to make a wine rack. An actual barrel may be cut open and the cross section divided with a few extra planks of wood to create sections where wine bottles may be stored. The other section may become the rack’s door by placing a hinge so it can open and close. There are so many wine furniture ideas and racks that you can create with old wine barrels. All you need to do is to look for rack and furniture ideas and plans online.

When it comes to a rustic wine rack, nothing could be more pleasing to the eye than a rack that seems to display wine in an unusual manner. Such is the likes of racks that hold wine bottles upside down or racks that hold bottles from the cap or along their slender necks. A beautiful rustic but modern wine rack.

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