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Garage Organization Ideas

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Do you need some garage organization ideas? Do you find it hard to find things in your garage? Do you still have room to walk around once you park your car? It may be time to organize your garage. You can do this during your spare time and it does not require any kind of skill, only patience and a suitable amount of time. Here are some great ideas:

The first thing that you need to set straight is to find out which things you still need and which you can throw out. Get a large box and label it “out” and another one and label it “keep.” Rummage through every bin, box and plastic bag and decide if you want to keep or to throw things out. Remember that you may also sell things too; you can place things that you are willing to sell in a separate box. Once you are through, organize the remaining things that are in the “keep” box.

There are a lot of garage organization ideas to help you to easily find things that you need. The best way is to use stable shelving systems to place each thing in their respective place. Some great shelving ideas are crates, pegboards and shelves, wire shelves and nets.

Crates can be arranged vertically or horizontally to store things of different shapes. They may also be used as containers too. Simply stack crates together or place them side by side to store larger or taller items. Pegboards are perfect for storing tools. Place pegs to hang tools to save you time and effort. You may also use pegboards to hang brackets which will be used for shelves. The idea is to use a large pegboard that extends from the middle of the wall to the floor so you can hang more shelves. This system will keep things from the floor and to allow you to easily find things that you need.

Your garage ceiling has a lot of potential. You can use this to store things that you do not really use such as Christmas ornaments, winter items and sporting gear. You can use large crates or storage bins, simply use brackets to hang these containers. For large equipment such as bicycles, golf bags, skates, skis and the like, use a lift to hold these items on the ceiling.

Gather all of your garage organization ideas by creating a list of things that you have stored in your garage and where are they exactly located. This will make your storage and garage area more efficient.

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