What to Do with a Garage with Two Levels?

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Have you ever heard of a garage with two levels? This type of garage is not exactly a spacious garage with two floors! It is a garage with a high ceiling that you could use as an extra storage space. If you have a garage that fits only one to two cars but has ample space along the ceiling then you could possibly use this to create a smart storage space. Here are some great ideas.

Create an elevated storage area in your garage ceiling with the use of sturdy and durable materials such as metal bars, wood, plywood, nets and elevated systems.

Using metal bars is possibly the most durable of all since these can hold heavy items that you do not really need on a regular basis. Metal elevated storage systems are usually tailor made to suit the measurements of your garage space. A contractor comes to assess your garage ceiling and to take measurements and then creates a metal storage system for you. He also takes into consideration the things that you will be storing on your elevated shelves. For instance, if you plan to store boxes filled with ornaments, sporting items or old clothes then the shelving unit could be made for light items but if you plan to store heavy things such as surfboards, bikes, golf bags and the like then the shelf should be strong enough to hold these items.

Wood is inexpensive and will also last for a long time. Large 2x2s could be constructed to make brackets to hold large pieces of plywood. Boxes, bins and crates may be placed on top of the plywood once it is hammered in place. Nets will also work well for light items such as clothes, sporting goods and balls. Simply fill the net with all the things that you want to store and then hang these on your garage ceiling.

Your garage with two levels will also work great as an extra room. If you have an outrageously tall ceiling you may construct a mezzanine and turn this into an office, a workstation or crafts area where you can work in peace. You can even use this as a place to store more stuff such as crafts materials, paint, computer hardware and so on. Your garage with two levels will make a great storage area and working area too.

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