The Best Laminate Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

The Best Laminate Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

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The best laminate flooring looks like real hardwood. Its coating is made to resist scratches better than most real wood materials. However, the foundation is vulnerable to moist and water damage. These are the things that you need to keep in mind when using the best laminate flooring for your kitchen.

Laminate flooring is made up of high density fiber board enveloped in impermeable plastic. The laminate or the plastic wrap makes it hard for moisture to seep into the plans. The planks are coated with a polyurethane finish that makes it resistance to scratches and spills. This is the reason why the best laminate flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas in the house like the kitchen and the living room. It should be noted though that the planks are perishable especially if you fail to take care of them. For example, if you leave spilled milk on your laminate floor for a long time, the liquid will seep through the cracks, wetting the fiberboard and damaging them.

It is possible however to remedy this. You can spread a moisture barrier before assembling the floor on top of it. With basic carpentry skills, you will have the best laminate flooring in your kitchen. This is clearly one of the benefits of using laminate flooring. You can install it on your own therefore it is much cheaper than tiles and hardwood. Installation may even be as fun as playing a jigsaw puzzle.

In fact, in 2014, the average cost of the best laminate flooring was only $8 per square foot. It is a bit higher than vinyl but significantly lower than hardwood. However, installing laminate floor is much easier that installing hardwood. Laminate flooring also comes in various styles and colors so it is easy to find something that will look great with your current kitchen décor. You don’t even have to stick to faux wood finish. You may choose laminates that look like stone or tiles.

Most homeowners especially those who lead a busy life would prefer wood materials that require low maintenance. This is why laminate flooring is popular. It only requires regular sweeping and vacuuming. Using harsh cleaning solutions are actually counterproductive in laminate flooring. The best laminate flooring does not need waxing or polishing. You just have to make sure that spills are wiped dry right away as this is the most common culprit of damaged laminate flooring.

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