How to Choose the Best Wicker Bistro Set

Choosing the best wicker bistro set starts with deciding whether you will be placing it indoors or outdoors. The materials and design of your bistro furniture should always be suitable ....

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Party-on with a Wicker Bar

​There’s nothing like a bar area to say “I have arrived!” or “Let’s party!” It fosters playfulness and spontaneity and, of course, a bar is a real lifesaver for entertaining. ....

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A Trough Sink in Your Bathroom Means Function and Fashion

Peruse any home decorating magazine and you’ll surely see a lovely bathroom space featuring a trough sink. True, the connotation of barnyard animals slopping at the farm yard trough may ....

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A Wicker Side Table Says, “Home”

​A side table is such a useful and convenient piece of furniture to have, serving as a wonderful piece of furniture in indoor areas like living rooms, family rooms, and ....

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The Beauty and Resilience of Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

There is nothing like the look of wood floors in a home. The warm, clean, classic look and feel of these floors is timeless; it adds to the richness and ....

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The Secret to Choosing the Right Window Curtains

There is no easier way to dress a window and spiff up a room than hanging window curtains. That’s right—curtains aren’t merely about keeping out drafts and sunlight and ensuring ....

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The Best Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can offer much to a room, including abundant natural light and easy access to the outside. These perks create a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes ....

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The Best Reasons for a Tall Office Chair

A tall office chair may appear to you to be out of the norm. Perhaps you think ‘Why would I need or want a barstool-type of chair for my office ....

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An IKEA Treadmill Desk Rescues Your Health

In these days of seemingly continuous research about what is best for our overall health and well-being, new studies are revealing that sitting in a chair at a desk all ....

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