20 Classic Sofa Ideas for Your Living Room

One of the most important aspects to consider when you are designing your perfect living room is to have the perfect classic sofa. There are many benefits to having the ....

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The Coolest 5 Acrylic Coffee Tables

Acrylic coffee tables are the new kid on the block in the mainstream interior design world, and it’s quickly becoming bolder, braver, and more popular. Acrylic is a clear and ....

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10 Great Rustic Coffee Table Ideas

Coffee tables are a key piece of furniture in any living room, and a rustic coffee table can add even more character. They usually take the center space in the ....

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The Best Oval Coffee Table Ideas

An coffee table is a welcome addition to most living rooms or home spaces for relaxing and informal socializing, and a key style is the oval coffee table. It’s a ....

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7 Perfect Leather Ottoman Coffee Table Ideas

A leather ottoman coffee table is the pinnacle of living room luxury and style. It’s stylish, but classic, and provides informal additional seating and acts as a great space filler ....

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How to Choose the Best Wicker Bistro Set

Choosing the best wicker bistro set starts with deciding whether you will be placing it indoors or outdoors. The materials and design of your bistro furniture should always be suitable ....

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Party-on with a Wicker Bar

​There’s nothing like a bar area to say “I have arrived!” or “Let’s party!” It fosters playfulness and spontaneity and, of course, a bar is a real lifesaver for entertaining. ....

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A Trough Sink in Your Bathroom Means Function and Fashion

Peruse any home decorating magazine and you’ll surely see a lovely bathroom space featuring a trough sink. True, the connotation of barnyard animals slopping at the farm yard trough may ....

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A Wicker Side Table Says, “Home”

​A side table is such a useful and convenient piece of furniture to have, serving as a wonderful piece of furniture in indoor areas like living rooms, family rooms, and ....

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