Your Go-To Guide For Refinishing Wood Floors

Your home’s once beautiful wood floors have lost their luster. But take heart—refinishing wood floors is totally doable and will make them sparkle and shine like new. Obviously you could ....

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Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you own your own home, you surely know the pride that comes from having a place that’s all yours that you can make your own, infused with your sense ....

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Queen Size Sofa Bed Fit for a King

Have your ever had the need for a spare bed, but you just don’t have the extra space or the desire for maintaining a dedicated guest room?  A queen size sofa ....

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Discover Extra Counter Space with Kitchen Island Carts

Are you in the market for more countertop space and extra storage space in your kitchen without the labor intensive, highly expensive kitchen remodel? Delve into the utilitarian world of ....

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Kids Upholstered Chair – a Bedroom Must-Have

There’s not a child alive who doesn't delight at the sight of a kids upholstered chair when they encounter them in the children’s section of a furniture store or in ....

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Japanese Sliding Doors For Beauty and Zen

Are you looking to add dramatic impact and Oriental feel to your space? Consider the organic feel and Zen vibes offered by Japanese sliding doors. These sliding doors, also known ....

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Ideas for Creating Your Own In Ground Fire Pit

The dancing of the flames. The smell of wood smoke. Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs. Songs around the campfire. The crackle and pop that only comes from a wood fire. These ....

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Herman Miller Office Chair – The Best Chair For Your Office

Working a desk job—be it at an actual office, a cubicle, a home office, or even your couch or kitchen table—can be brutal. All that sitting, hunched over a computer, ....

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Why You Need an Eames Rocking Chair

If you haven’t yet experienced an Eames rocking chair, then be prepared to be knocked off your rocker, not only for its inventive style, but also for its storied history. ....

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