How to Choose the Best Round Pedestal Dining Table

Solid Wood Round Pedestal Dining Table

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A wooden round pedestal dining table is a great choice to make your dining room complete. The hallmark of this design is a thick round (or polygonal) table top and a single leg, which stems from the middle of the table. Such a dining table may appear grand and imposing on first impression, but creates an intimate atmosphere among diners. Such a table is ideal for smaller rooms, which are ideal for accommodating all types of round tables. The pedestal itself is often the focal point of the design, and so to gain the maximum visual impact, the view of this from the doorway should not be obscured upon entering a room.

A round pedestal dining table can come in a variety of interesting designs and varieties, with different materials, colors and sizes available, although wood with a varnished finish is generally the most popular choice. Oak and cherry are the most common wood types for this style of table, and, although such designs – particularly those with intricately-carved pedestal legs – do not come cheaply, they are often worth the outlay, as such tables exude quality and are both durable and long-lived. Such tables are commonly passed down from one generation to the next, and often become treasured family heirlooms. One disadvantage of larger round pedestal dining tables is the fact that they take up a large amount of space, and are relatively easily over-balanced. There is limited opportunity to purchase an expandable pedestal table also. Although designs do exist, they are limited.

A smaller round pedestal dining table may be a popular choice for the kitchen. Smaller pedestal tables are often painted, and stress their functionality, as opposed to ornate decoration. Such tables often have lighter-colored wooden surfaces, using woods such as yew, lime, olive, ash or beech. Such tables can often incorporate salvaged wood for a rustic effect, or even re-use pedestals from older tables. The re-use of pedestals is something you should also consider with your own table – often the top can be removed and the pedestal recycled and used with a new top. This is a great feature in a scenario where your table top becomes damaged after many years of use. Round pedestal tables are also available as garden or patio furniture. These generally are made from wicker or plastic, and are a great addition to a garden for someone who regularly hosts barbecues, garden parties or family get-togethers over the summer months.

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