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When making a stained glass window, you should be wearing the right safety girl the whole time. If you are new to this kind of project, it is best to choose patterns that are made of evenly sized pieces. You should also invest in equipment that will make working on glass panels easy. Some of the tools you will need are soldering irons, glass cutters, and specialty foil lining. You can find them in hobby shops and glass-making stores. Each piece should be cut precisely so that they will connect with the others perfectly.


This task entails the practice of patience and sharpened skills. The glass pieces are like individual puzzle pieces that are traced to create a much larger pattern. All of the pieces are joined together using a soldering iron to form a single design for the whole window. Goggles and gloves should be worn while working on the project as the glass pieces have sharp edges and the soldering iron may cause burns if you are not careful.


There are stained glass window patterns that are hard to handle and should be left for the experts to do. When you are working on your own design, make sure that you only create necessary lines. Too much small sized pieces will create a mosaic effect that might not look pleasant once it’s done. Evenly sized portions will look more clean and put-together. When cutting the pieces, make sure that your glass cutter is sharp enough to make the edges as smooth as possible. For best results, use the kind that is designed with a carbide head. Cheaper kinds may only ruin your glass pieces by paring them down in size or giving you shapes that are different than what you have in mind.


You will also need frames that will hold the pieces together while you are soldering the rest of the stained glass pieces. You can create a frame of your own using flat pieces of wood nailed temporarily to a sturdy backer board. The front part of the glass pieces should rest on the plywood so that you can solder the back. Remember that soldering should start at the back since initial soldering tends to form unevenness. Hence they are best done on the back of the stained glass window pieces so they can be hidden from view. Be extremely careful when soldering the corners. They should be firmly connected so that your project will last long amidst harsh weather conditions.


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