Decorating a Rustic Dining Room Table

How To Build A Rustic Dining Room Table

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Are you looking for the perfect rustic dining room table? Rustic refers to a furniture piece does not look new. The piece, for instance a dining room table, may have a distressed top while the table legs are still intact. Decorating a rustic dining table takes talent and creative skills and if you are looking for the best decorating ideas, read on. A rustic theme is all about using the simplest materials while taking advantage of what you can find around the house. Most rustic d├ęcor uses natural materials too.

Try a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers as your centerpiece. Gather blooms of different colors and sizes and place these on a large vase or for a more rustic appeal, a metal pitcher or how about a water sprinkler? Make your bouquet extra special each season or for a very special occasion. Thanksgiving is the most popular day of the year when you can decorate rustic elements in your home.

Create a fresh bouquet of Thanksgiving fruits and veggies, dried grass, corn husks and wild flowers. Place all these in a large wicker basket and place this in the middle of your table. You may also use pumpkins of different sizes with the biggest one in the middle. A stalk of flower could be placed on tall glass and these are scattered along the middle of your rustic dining room table.

Using decorative rustic items will also look great on top of your rustic dining table. There are so many rustic pieces to choose from such as candlesticks, candelabras, baskets, rustic figurines, decorative tin cans and so many more. You may also use DIY projects too such as origami flowers from decorative paper, flowers from corn husks and grass and a centerpiece of twigs.

Your rustic dining table should never be without rustic dining room chairs. Rustic chairs could be distressed wooden chairs or mismatched chairs. Use a variety of designs, colors and sizes of dining room chairs. Lighting can make dining rooms look very dramatic and stylish. Choose chandelier lighting for your dining table to apply a more rustic feel. Chandeliers could be made of different rustic materials too such as recycled oak barrels or bicycle wheels. You may use candles for a more natural rustic lighting or incandescent bulbs instead. Your rustic dining room table will certainly look great in any kind of occasion.

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