20 Antique Home Décor Ideas and Photos

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Antique home décor is bringing pieces into your home’s interior design that are old, and often collectible. Many collectors and experts will only consider an item as a genuine ‘antique’ if it is older than 100 years, but in interior design the rules are more relaxed, as the focus lies on the beauty and function of the item rather than its technicality and not always its value or status.

Traditionally, antiques were only available to buy from specialist antique shops, which weren’t always easy to come across because of their niche. Today, antique fairs are much more frequent, so keep an eye out for one coming to your town. You can also purchase antiques online, and auction sites are especially fantastic for trading antiques if you can invest time into doing your research.

If your main priority when purchasing antique home décor relates to the beauty and style of your home, and not about the status or value of the items, take a look around thrift shops and department stores where you can find similar looking items but for a fraction of the price.

You can use antique décor to help achieve a realistic period-style theme in your home. It can make your home style feel more genuine, thorough, and give it more depth.

You don’t have to follow the rules and stick to just one style of décor. Mix and match antique items from different periods, or mix antique items into a modern and contemporary home for a really unique and personal twist on traditional antique home décor. Mix items from different periods that showcase different styles and features to make your items really stand out against each other, and against the rest of your room and home. To maximise the antique impact, you can also bring your antique items or period style home décor across your entire home, not just one room. A few feature pieces across the entire area of your home can dictate the atmosphere and style across an entire building, but concentrating on only one room or space will give than room a story and a unique setting in the home.

Beginning a collection of antiques can turn into a hobby and bringing the new pieces into your home as you source and purchase them can make your home into a dynamic, growing, and adaptable space. Owning a collection of antique home décor is also a fantastic talking point for visitors and can be a great feature for entertaining and hosting.

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