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A white vinyl fence is a beautiful way to surround your backyard, or even to segregate parts within it. Being made of vinyl (or PVC), this type of fence is more durable than many made of other materials, and is a great decorative addition to any garden. Such fences come in many different designs and sizes, and can really improve the look of your garden.

This article aims to highlight two of the most popular types of white vinyl fences on the market today. However, as we have already mentioned, there are many, many different designs and styles to choose from. Maybe have a look at some pictures of white vinyl fences to gain inspiration and a further opinion on exactly what type you need and is best suited to your garden.

The first type of white vinyl fence that must be mentioned is the white vinyl privacy fence. This kind of fence uses solid vinyl slats with no gaps, in order to provide privacy. This type of fence is ideal for back yards and property boundaries, due to the level of privacy which it provides. However, you may not wish to use this type of fence in front of your house, as not only does it obstruct your view of the street, but also obscure’s people’s view of the façade of your house, which can make it look slightly intimidating to visitors, guests and neighbors. This type of fence should also be considered for secluding parts of the garden that you don’t want visitors, children or pets to stray into, like mulch or compost heaps. If you have a small household pet, such as a rabbit or guinea pig, a white vinyl privacy fence could help prevent them escaping from the garden if they are allowed to roam in it.

The second type is the white vinyl picket fence. This type of fence conjures up a timeless vision of Americana, and is popular the world over. This is a great fence to put in front of your house, as although it clearly defines your property’s border, it allows people to see your house and imbues it with a welcoming appeal. This type of fence can also be used within a garden, to separate a dog kennel, or vegetable patch, for instance, or to keep children away from dangerous items or areas, such as a hot barbecue.

A white vinyl fence with pickets makes the yard look naturally beautiful, particularly in the warm summer months. As the fence is laminated with vinyl, it requires far less maintenance than a conventional wooden fence, making it stay beautiful for longer!

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