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Dimensions of basketball courts depend on the skill level of the athletes playing the game.  Beginning at the elementary school level, courts are approximately 20 feet in length and increase in size up to 95 feet for professionals in the NBA.  As the length and width increase in size, so do the different areas of the court such as the “paint” or rectangle under the basket, or the three-point arch.  Each school, college, or professional team sport their own colors which can further confuse opposing teams as they are not used to certain patterns or colored lines.  This is not a problem for many professionals, especially legends such as Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court, and is arguably the most recognizable player in history.  From his amazing play-making ability to his signature tongue-out dunks, he epitomizes the skill needed to succeed as well as the fun that can be had from playing the sport.  As a large audience began watching and the playing basketball, it quickly became apparent that children and teenagers could not compete on NBA sized courts (95 feet in length) for reasons such as height and strength.  Because of the popularity of the game, many rules and regulations such as standards for the dimensions of basketball courts have been put into place.  Elementary school courts are about 20 feet in length, while junior high courts are 30 feet, high school courts are approximately 85 feet and college courts are full sized.  For the adult who enjoys pick-up games with their friends, a high school sized court will suffice, as the skill and ability levels are not honed to professional standards.  It is also important to understand the height of the basket, as this can become a factor in out-scoring your opponent.  Standard hoops starting at the elementary level are 10 feet high, often leading to low-scoring games until high school.

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