Refacing Kitchen Cabinets to Refresh your Kitchen

Refacing Old Kitchen Cabinets

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Refacing kitchen cabinets is  a good way to make your old and worn out cabinets look like new again. People often undertake this as a DIY project if their cabinets are starting to look old and worn. Refacing can be done in many ways – from buying new doors to fit onto the existing cabinets, to refreshing the surfaces by repainting, waxing, varnishing or staining (particularly if the cabinets are made of solid wood).

Metal cabinets cannot be refaced, so if you have these, perhaps consider a deep polish, possibly undertaken by a specialist or professional, to make your metal kitchen cabinets look like new.

You definitely need some planning and some “handyman” experience if you are going to embark upon the process of refacing kitchen cabinets yourself. Some people even want to reface brand new cabinets, simply because they may like it’s design and the style, but they may not be overly impressed with the color, particularly after having installed the cabinets and seeing the overall effect they have within their kitchen.

Try to gather all of the equipment and materials necessary for refacing your kitchen cabinets before starting the project. Maybe consider asking friends, family or neighbors for advice, or searching the internet for hints and tips. If you don’t have a firm idea of how you want to reface your kitchen cabinets, maybe have a look at some of the photographs that we have assembled here for you to try and get some inspiration.

Refacing kitchen cabinets should be easy to do if you can find the right advice or tutorial on how to make your kitchen cabinet look like new again; or even entirely different from your old design, if that is your preference.

Don’t forget that if you entirely replace the doors, and the original ones are still in a reasonable condition, you may want to keep and store the old ones. You can either sell them on craigslist or at a garage sale, or keep them around for a new homeowner as an alternative if you intend to sell the house in the future. Being flat and rectangular, they shouldn’t take up too much space if you decide to store them in your garage or attic space.

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be easy to do if you plan it thoroughly beforehand. It is a great DIY project to undertake, especially if you want to enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen and increase your home’s resale value.

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