Tasteful Ideas for Wine Kitchen Décor

Wine Decorations For The Home

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A plain kitchen could use some wine kitchen décor. If you love drinking wine as much as appreciating it then you should consider some of these ingenious wine kitchen decorations that will make your kitchen look like a wine lover’s paradise!

Wine bottles are beautiful on their own especially if these are bottles of fine expensive wine. By simply placing these expensive pieces along the counter and putting a few wine glasses and coaters you are already decorating your kitchen with wine. If you have a portable wine rack then you could place this rack along your countertop. Pick your favorite bottles and carefully place these on your wine rack.

Another ingenious décor for your kitchen is to create a kitchen and dining chandelier made of wine bottles. Clean and dry ten or more wine bottles. Pick a circular frame where you can place or thread lights in. place a strong thread over the mouth of your clean and dry wine bottles so you can suspend these bottles along the edges of the frame. Place this cool and artistic chandelier on top of your kitchen center island or in your dining area. Turn the lights low in your dining area and power on your chandelier.

A wine rack that is placed on your wall could also work as a wine kitchen décor. Simply install the hardware or hanging piece on the wine rack and secure it to make it strong and secure. There are a lot of wine racks to choose from like metal racks, aluminum rack, wooden racks and hard plastic racks. Storing wine in racks will make it safe as it brews; wine racks allow you to check on wine information without taking it away from the rack. It is best to use wine racks that store about 5 bottles at a time for a lightweight wall décor.

Wine bottles make great vases. The tall slender neck of most wine bottles complements long-stemmed roses or tall flowers such as tulips and sunflowers. Fill the bottle with sand, marbles or small items to keep the bottle sturdy. You may also decorate the outer portion of your wine bottles. Fill these with water and arrange your long –stemmed flowers inside the make-shift vase. Place these on your kitchen counter or in the corner of your kitchen. These beautiful blooms and wine bottle vases make for an excellent wine kitchen décor.

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