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Rustic Wine Bottle Centerpieces

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Wine bottle centerpieces are perfect for special occasions. Wine bottles could become great centerpieces with just a few small adjustments. Here are some great ideas for a dinner, wedding or holiday centerpiece.

Green wine bottles make for a great vase which is perfect for a formal dinner centerpiece. Clean green wine bottles and dry them completely. Fill these up halfway with sand or marbles and then fill these with clean tap water. Place your long stemmed flowers such as roses, lilies and sunflowers. A cool idea is to place one stalk of lily in each bottle and tie four to five wine bottles together with a colorful bow. Place this on your table and watch your guests complement you on your beautiful centerpiece!

Use different colored wine bottles and paint these with silver color paint using a small paint brush. Paint different images such as flowers, butterflies and animal figures on the bottle. Place a violet or pastel-colored bow along the neck of the bottle and then place a tea light inside. This could make a beautiful and romantic centerpiece for an extra-special occasion.

Another great wine bottle centerpiece is a candle holder made from tall wine glasses. Transform your simple rectangular dining table into a wonderful and elegant dining area with around six or more wine bottles with long candles. Clean and dry wine bottles before using them. You may use wine bottles without placing anything in them or you may place colorful marbles, sand, shells or small beads to keep your candle holders steady. To create a more dramatic effect, light the candles first and allow the wax to drip along the sides before you invite your guests to come on the table.

Instead of placing flowers inside the bottle and using the wine bottle as a vase, why not place beautiful blooms outside the bottle? Choose colorful flowers such as daisies, gardenias, dandelions and orchids and add a few leaves. Tie these along the neck of the bottle just like a corsage. Place one bottle for each table.

A clever and unique wine bottle centerpiece is wine bottles covered in beads. Roll wine bottles in glue and sticking some glass beads on the bottle. Allow the glue to dry. You can make this more colorful by using two kinds of beads; like a two tone piece your centerpiece bottle could become a vase or a candle holder.

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