The Beauty and Resilience of Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring

Vinyl Wood Floor Planks

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There is nothing like the look of wood floors in a home. The warm, clean, classic look and feel of these floors is timeless; it adds to the richness and beauty of a home, and they’re so much better for your indoor air quality than carpet. But there is the ultimate flooring dilemma—despite your adoration, you fear that those precious wood floors will take a beating from your kid’s rough-and-tumble ways or from your pets’ paws and claws (the damage can be even worse when you have kids and pets!) This fear often gives homeowners serious pause about upgrading to wood because they’re concerned about how long their beautiful wood floors will last. But, fear not, for its situations like this for which the recently engineered vinyl wood plank flooring was invented. This awesome flooring choice gives you a highly realistic wood floor appearance, but with incredible durability and easy installation. Plus it can be used literally anywhere in your home.

With its surface embossing and beautiful graining, vinyl wood plank flooring offers a highly realistic look. The worn look of saw marks and realistic knotholes complete the wood flooring motif. Some styles of vinyl wood plank flooring also have additional wood details like increased distressing, hand-scraping, nail holes, scratches, and dings to just further the mimicry of wood. In fact, there are types of this vinyl flooring that are made to look like English walnut, heart pine, and oak. This type of flooring also comes with beveled ends and edges—just as real wood would. And it’s available in planks that look like one piece of wood or planks that look like multiple smaller pieces of wood, with planks as large as 6” by 48”—which just adds to the realism. It’s this totally believable wood affect that makes vinyl wood plank flooring such an attractive choice.

But more than aesthetics, vinyl wood plank flooring is unbelievably resilient. It’s water resistant and virtually impervious to the usual pitfalls of wood flooring like mold, mildew, and warping. No dents from kids playing, no scratches from Fido’s paws, no water damage due to high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and mudrooms—just durable flooring that looks beautiful day after day, year after year. You can have lovely vinyl wood plank flooring in any area of your home! Installation could not be easier. It’s so simple to install these floors that it’s a great DIY project! You have your choice of types for installing your floors: click-and-lock or the self-stick planks, which have adhesive on the bottoms and sides of the planks for ultimate adherence.  And with both systems, you can easily cut around wall shapes and reposition planks if needed. As if all this weren’t enough, vinyl wood plank flooring is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. With durability, easy installation, beautiful looks, and easy care, these offer so many perks that they are surely an excellent alternative to wood floors!

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