The Best Reasons for a Tall Office Chair

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A tall office chair may appear to you to be out of the norm. Perhaps you think ‘Why would I need or want a barstool-type of chair for my office of all places?’ However, as times change and the science of our well-being evolves, more and more offices are also altering how they approach office furniture. Why? There are two instances in which these larger than usual office chairs are quite convenient. If you’re one of the thousands of office workers who are increasingly concerned about the ill effects of sitting for long periods of time, then you may have a standing desk for which you would need a tall office chair. Another instance which would require the use of a tall office chair is one in which the user is abundant in height, and the usual size office chair just doesn’t fit the bill. Whatever your situation, this style chair is a great option.

There are many new studies that profess the health dangers of sitting all day at an office job. To combat this, many office staffers are switching to standing desks. The best standing desks are at elbow height; with this premium height and your computer positioned at eye level (to avoid having to tilt your head up or down, which saves your neck), you can create a very comfortable standing work set-up. Of course, standing all day isn’t the healthiest option either; it turns out that what works best for our circulatory systems, our muscles and skeletal structure, and our overall energy is a combination of stand and sitting throughout the work day. This makes the tall office chair, paired with a standing desk, an invaluable piece of furniture in your office, allowing you the option of switching between sitting and standing in the most comfortable manner for you. Plus, the fatigue and various discomforts associated with both long term sitting and long term standing are staved off by alternating using your standing desk and tall office chair.

Now for the second instance in which a tall office chair would benefit you. Perhaps you are strapping lad or lass and the standard office chair just doesn’t live up to your stature. That’s when the tall office chair comes to the rescue. These specially-made chairs are ergonomically designed to fit your bigger frame. They’re also built with support and comfort in mind, sporting tall and/or adjustable backs, wide seat pans, additional lumbar supports, and specially engineered cushioning. Many tall office chairs also include an adjustable head rest with neck cushioning, which gives the neck muscles a rest as you go about your work day. Plus, these chairs are made from quality materials and are often able to comfortably support 300 to 500 pounds. These materials with which the chairs are constructed now allow for better circulation, decreased joint pain, and improved air flow for staying cooler while you work. So whether your size demands a chair with an extended frame or health concerns compel you to alter how you move about during your work day, the tall office chair is a fantastic tool that is taking offices around the globe by storm.


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