The Glamour of Swivel Club Chairs

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Are you looking to add a little mid-century modern, “Mad Men” style to your living room? Or perhaps you are a little older—a child of the 1980’s—and you grew up with (or have seen even just one episode of) an 80’s primetime soap opera, thereby having often daydreamed of doing that dramatic turn in the classic swivel chair. Or maybe you are merely looking for a lovely way to add some additional, flexible seating to a room of your home. Look no further, because no matter your reason, swivel club chairs can meet all these needs and wants. You’ve seen them in most every home in which you’ve ever visited. These dazzling, vintage chairs are available in a virtual cornucopia of styles, colors, and fabrics. Such wide variety ensures that you can use the swivel club chair in a myriad of rooms around your home to create additional seating and add flair to your home furnishings.

Glamor, style, and fashion sense are at the core of swivel club chairs. Their low backs bring a sense of mid-century modern elegance. And that swivel… Is there a person alive who doesn’t simply fall in love with that swivel action?! The chairs are available with or without arms and in a rounded back or a more squared back, depending upon your choice for comfort. Some chairs even come with a rocking feature. Swiveling and rocking—the best of both chair movement worlds! Swivel club chairs are upholstered in a wide variety of materials, colors, and prints. So regardless of whether you prefer cotton, faux-fur, leather, velvet,  linen, microfiber, silk, wool, cotton-poly blend, there is the perfect swivel chair out there for you and your décor. This is an investment that could last you a lifetime.

Another way these swivel club chairs rock the décor world is that they add an essential accent to any living room or family room in the form of additional and moveable seating. This movability allows the people in the chairs to be turned toward main focal points in a room, like a sofa. They can also switch their attention among multiple intimate conversational areas, or to other focal points, such as the television or a view to the outdoors. Imagine having a party where your guests are freely mingling, visiting, making new connections—they’re in one conversation about mutual funds, then with just a swivel, they can join an adjacent chat about world events. And they are able to do so because of all the flexible seating that is created with your swivel club chairs. Flexible seating is vital to creating a functional space with versatility. Swivel club chairs are also very functional added seating in an office or breakfast nook.

Additionally, swivel club chairs can provide a cozy area for a sitting room or a bedroom, adding to the purpose of either type of room. Whatever your needs, regardless of your swivel chair fantasies, the perfect swivel club chair is out there waiting for you to find it and take it home!


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