Three Kinds of Wooden Garage Doors

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Wooden garage doors are one of the highest quality and luxurious kinds of garage door. Garage doors which are made of wood give a natural look from the exterior. Whether it is modern or classic, you will find every type of garage door design made of wood. However, there are a few things about wooden garage doors that you need to know.

Some garage doors that appear to be made of wood are, in fact, made of either a composite material, or simply have a wooden veneer applied. Others are made of vinyl or PVC with a wooden effect. The actual material from which the garage door is made will affect its price, stability, security and longevity. You should take this into consideration when looking to buy such a door, as cheaper options are available which look just as impressive, although they may not last quite as long or provide the same level of security for your garage’s contents.

Wooden garage doors can be painted a variety of colors, or varnished to emphasize their texture. These garage doors also come in a variety of designs and sizes. Maybe have a look at some photographs to see whether any designs suit your house or garage. Wooden doors are generally well suited to garages set in front yards with a lot of greenery, such as trees, shrubs and plants. They help a house and its adjoining garage blend into this natural setting, and can act as a bridging feature between a house and a natural looking garden. Maybe also consider the idea of trying to match your garage door with the style and design of your front door and windows.

Wooden garage doors are also versatile, and a number of designs incorporate windows of various shapes and sizes. Commonly, longer windows will be frosted for privacy. Also due to the material’s versatility, wooden garage doors can be opened in a variety of different ways – while some open and fold away along the garage roof, others open like conventional doors, and yet others still fold away in a concertina style. Each of these has its own advantages, depending on what exactly you wish to use your garage for. Like with most garage doors, motors can also be fitted to some designs to assist their opening or to facilitate automatic opening via remote control. Wooden garage doors are beautiful, and a perfect addition to almost every garage.

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