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Coffee Table Ottoman Combination

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When you combine both a coffee table and an ottoman to create a coffee table ottoman, you get a striking feature piece for your living room that has double the function. You don’t just get the comfort and additional seating, but you get the shelving function and additional storage, without taking up any more valuable space.

Combining functions does not mean you have to sacrifice style, as coffee table ottomans can look as stylish as their counterparts, in fact even more so given their unusual function and quirkiness. Traditional coffee table ottomans follow the same style as classic ottomans, a soft leather upper which has been tufted (a quilt like appearance using leather buttons) but with all living room furniture, the range of styles available to purchase is growing as we become more defined and styles develop. Modern styles with straight, clean, lines, unusual wood tones such as silver or very dark browns are becoming more popular in modern homes, and for added quirkiness and contemporary style, Perspex options with unusual shapes are also reaching the mainstream.

Your coffee table ottoman is an important feature of your living room, as a design feature and as a double functioning piece of furniture. If you can’t find the piece of your dreams, then it’s worth investing in an interior designer to help you source that all important feature, or enrolling a carpenter to help you design and create a bespoke piece that meets your exact needs. This way, you don’t get to just decide on the item’s style elements, but also key functional features such as a sturdy space on the surface for holding drinks, how much storage you’d like to offer, drawers versus open shelving, and the height of the coffee table ottoman. If you’re going to use the piece more often as a footrest than a seat, you might want to lower the surface. If it’s going to be an extended part of the room’s seating furniture, comfort and height is very important.

Size and shape is also a key choice to make about your coffee table ottoman, which will depend on the size and layout of your living room. Traditionally, ottomans and coffee tables will take a rectangle shape that comfortably fits the empty space between the room’s main seating furniture. However, if you have an unusual room layout or size, or you want to achieve a quirky room shape and atmosphere, a funky ottoman coffee table that is L-shaped, square, or even oval can make your living room much more exciting. And where you place the ottoman coffee table will depend on how you want your room to look, and how you’d like to use the piece. In the centre of the room is traditional and accessible, but if it’s mainly storage you’re looking for an occasional extra seat, prop your table to the side of the room or against a wall. This can prevent large and blank walls from looking too plain and swamping the room, but you will need to remember to add wheels to the bottom of your table if you intend on moving it often, especially if it’s build from heavy wood or metal.

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