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European kitchen cabinets are perceived and famous around the world for their superior design and build quality. For the past few decades, European kitchen design companies have been leading the way in both style and functional quality and kitchens worldwide are clamoring for European cabinets to add value and style to their homes and kitchens.


European kitchens are created and designed with only the best solutions as an objective. European countries, such as Germany, Italy, and France, are known for engineering skills and producing quality global products, and European kitchen cabinets are no different at all. The same principals of high quality materials and attention to detail are followed, creating kitchen cabinetry that simply cannot be rivaled.


European countries are known for their leading fashion sense, and it’s not just for the clothing industry. Although the catwalks of Milan, Paris, and others lead the world in clothing style, the same patterns occur with interior design style.


The European companies that are providing the best kitchen cabinets, are also leading the way in terms of innovation and styles that are ahead of the curve, and that manufacturers across the world are recreating for their customers. EuroCucina – the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition – has been showcasing Italy and Europe’s finest kitchen designers and manufacturers every year since 1974, celebrating inimitable quality and the greatest durability that can be created.


Today, European kitchen cabinet designers are renowned for very contemporary and modern designs, and began the longstanding demand for clean, flawless, glossy cabinets that are one of the most popular styles today, and have been mimicked by retailers to suit all budgets and quality requirements.


European kitchen cabinet manufacturers are also setting the bar high for their use of innovative materials. Since technological developments in recent years and heavy investments into research and development, traditional solid wood or laminate kitchen cabinets no longer have the monopoly on materials used in kitchen design.


Glass fronted cabinets are now proven as a stylish and functional design feature, and are beginning to make waves in the kitchen design mainstream markets, after European designers proved the value of using hardened glass cabinets for a completely alternative look, with added durability and resistance to heat, temperature, water, and other damaging elements in a family kitchen.


One of the latest and perhaps most exciting development in kitchen cabinet materials made by European kitchen cabinet manufacturers is introducing the use of ceramic as the cabinet front.


As well as being a great addition to anybody looking to achieve a more sustainable kitchen, ceramic cabinets are easy to clean, hard-wearing, durable, and bring a certain style to the kitchen that has never been seen before.


Because of the ceramic composition, consumers have the option to make their kitchen completely unique, and add a bit of je ne sais quoi to the kitchen when the light is reflected and diffused across the room for a unique, sparkling, effect displayed cross industrial-style and super modern cabinetry.


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