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Cabinetry is the lifeblood of the kitchen, storing all your cookware and dishware as they wait to be called into action. Thomasville kitchen cabinets are produced by the same makers of Thomasville furniture because, after all, kitchen cabinets are just as vital as furniture. You want strength, quality, and longevity for both. Quality cabinetry transforms your kitchen and your entire home into a beautiful place to live and cook and just be. And with the power of Thomasville behind you, not only do you have the choices available to create kitchen cabinets that are perfect for you, but you also have the knowledge of over 100 years of furniture crafting and care.

Thomasville kitchen cabinets offer a plethora of options to customize cabinetry that will be highly functional and gorgeous. Thomasville presents a wide world of styles—formal, casual, traditional, modern, urban-inspired, rustic, European—with their Classic and Nouveau collections. Their offering of woods includes hickory, maple, alder, rustic alder, cherry, and oak; they also offer PureStyle laminate and thermofoil options. And with finishes that range from wood stains to quality paints to high-quality glazes, your cabinets will look as beautiful as they are strong and durable.

Cabinet doors can be customized with choices in breadboard detailing, shaker style silhouettes, molding, slab fronts, traditional arching, and much more. Plus, Thomasville’s Performa line of organization and storage solutions offers you many options for organizing your cabinets, providing you with ease of storage and of finding the item you need when you need it. With many custom features—delightful finishes, various molding choices, shelves for display, plate racks, built-in pantries and bookcases, cabinet door inserts, appliance panels to match your cabinetry, kitchen island and bar options, wooden range hoods, decorative glass doors, and a myriad of cabinet hardware—the options offered by Thomasville are as numerous as the stars and can fit just about any budget.

Thomasville kitchen cabinets feature the highest quality construction and craftsmanship; their attention to detail is astounding. Their cabinets feature plywood construction, built with ¾ inch solid hardwood face framing. Your fully constructed cabinets will not only be adorned with your desired finish to make them look like fine furniture, but they can also be distressed to create a sense of longevity and wisdom. Worry not—all that quality does not require expensive or fancy manners of care.

When your Thomasville kitchen cabinets are in need of cleaning, a simple soft cotton cloth and warm water should usually do the trick. Honestly, no more than a soft cloth, warm water, and your mild dishwashing liquid will clean virtually any stain or splatter that your gorgeous cabinets endure. Should your lovely cabinets suffer any nicks, scratches, or gouges, a convenient touch-up kit—matched by color to your specific cabinet design—is readily available to conceal the damage and have your cabinetry looking unblemished once again. Just like you, your home deserves the best in quality, durability, and aesthetic pleasure.

When you choose Thomasville kitchen cabinets, you’re getting all this and more to create an aesthetically pleasing and peaceful  feeling through your home, allowing you to cook, entertain, relax, and live.

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