French Doors with Screens: What are Your Choices?

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French doors with screens provide a whole lot of benefits to homeowners and their families. You might think that screens may just turn an otherwise pretty French door into an ugly thing. That is not true these days as many manufacturers are constructing high quality screens for different types of doors especially French doors. These screen doors enable you to open your French doors to let the fresh air in while keeping flying insects out. You can definitely benefit from door screens if you know the type that will complement your French door.

There are French doors with screens that are hinged to their framework. Hinged screen doors are perfect for interior French doors such as those used in the patio. They open either to the left or to the right depending on the preferences of the homeowner. You need to have enough space in your area if you choose this type of screen for your French door. If you do not have enough space for a hinged screen door, you can go for a sliding screen door.  The sliding screen door does not move outward or inward, but rather slides from side to side. It uses a track that is attached along the top and bottom of the door, allowing the door to slide along. When purchasing a sliding screen door, choose the brand that has a sturdy track and rollers or else your screen door will be too flimsy. Another option is the retractable screen door. They work like roll up blinds. You pull them up or down, depending on the manner that they were installed. When not in use, the screen is invisible and the lightweight aluminum housing blends with your French door so it does not ruin the look of your room’s interior.

Putting up French doors with screens protects you from insects and harsh weather conditions. Because the screens have tiny holes, the fresh breeze can still get in your room without inviting flying insects. Since there are three types of screens, you need to ask yourself a few questions before picking the one for your home. Do you have an out-swinging door? If yes, then you won’t want a gliding screen. Is your gliding French door located at a corner of the house? If yes, either a gliding screen or a retractable screen will complement it. Do you have a double-hinged French door? If yes, your best choice is a retractable screen.

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