How to Choose the Right French Door Curtains for your Room

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When choosing French door curtains, it is necessary to choose something that provides privacy but still lets some natural light in. Other than that main consideration, your curtains should also match the style and color of your room. That being said, you need to consider where the French door is located in order to decide what type of fabric you should be using.

The most popular material used to cover French doors is polyester sheer voile. This does not provide 100% privacy. What it does best is protect furniture and fixtures from direct sunlight. The standard size for sheer voile is 72 x 84 inches. Cotton panel draperies are also commonly used in homes with French doors. In areas where you want the elegance of a French door but you require privacy, cotton panel drapers are the best choice. They can completely cover the glass panels. Their thickness is perfect in preventing outsiders from taking a peek of what’s inside the room. There are cotton panel draperies that are made especially for French doors. These special draperies have built-in top and bottom pockets that make it easy to hang to the French door. It is a washable fabric so you can use it for a long time. Some homeowners, meanwhile, prefer two-panel French door curtains. This type of covering provides the illusion of light while providing complete privacy at the same time. This treatment uses a curtain of sheer material as the back piece and a drapery made of thick material with a cinch to show off the sheer curtain. If you want this type of French door treatment, you need to buy a sheer curtain that is at least two times wider than your French door. This is to provide enough material for the cinch on the center of the door.

The standard size of French door curtains is 72 x 84 inches. They usually come with top and bottom rod pocket so it is easy to hand them on your French door. This means you need two sets of rods for your French door treatment. Thick materials will provide complete privacy but might block natural light from coming in to your room. If privacy is not an utmost concern, especially if you are using it on an interior French door, you can choose polyester sheers or lace curtains. When you are choosing curtains for your French doors, make sure to check the thickness of the material.

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