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French patio doors inject a sense of style to many homes especially those that are strategically placed next to a green garden, a blue pool, or an outdoor living space. The glass panes of French doors have two necessary functions. They provide much needed supply of natural ventilation to a room and provide a beautiful entrance to a building. With the right styling, French doors can be even more desirable. The right materials will filter the sunlight so it does hit your furniture directly. They can also be a way to achieve a little more privacy for your family. So how do you style your French door?

The most common way of dressing up a French door is by hanging a curtain on it. A sheer fabric is perfect for an interior French door.  The benefits to this depend largely on the width of the curtain. A curtain that is of same width as the glass panel will not provide as much privacy, but will let enough amount of light to pass through the material. A curtain that has enough gathers will provide privacy, so if it is your concern, the width of your curtain should be two times that of the glass panel. This is enough to provide privacy as well as make your French patio doors look beautiful. You may triple the width of your curtain if you want more privacy. Just make sure that the gathers are evenly distributed to create a neat appearance. You can also apply a privacy film to each glass pane. These films can be bought in rolls usually of 5 ft x 26 inches in size. You can cut them according to the size of your glass panels. They come in different designs so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your home’s interior. They are easy to apply. They work much like stickers. You remove the backing and then press the film to the glass pane. You can remove or replace them any time without damaging your French door.

French patio doors can make both the interior and exterior of your home look beautiful. Moreover, they let natural light in while providing a little privacy. Their appearance may be enhanced without blocking the light completely. You can do this by hanging sheer curtains or applying privacy films in beautiful designs. Both of these treatments can block harmful UV rays therefore keeping your furniture and fixtures safe.

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