How to Display Decorative Wall Clocks the Right Way

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Decorative wall clocks can be used as stunning wall accessories. They can become even more interesting when they are arranged together in one part of a wall. If you plan on doing this, consider the amount of space that is available and make sure that the designs coordinate with the rest of the room. You can let your imagination run wild when grouping pretty wall clocks in a wall, but it is best to stick to a simple geometric pattern to create some kind of orderly chaos.

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Here are a few steps to guide you into creating a simple, modern, and stylish wall using a few wall clocks:

  1. Decide which part of the house you want to hang the wall clock collection. Choose a wall that is painted with a plain color. This may work even if your wall is covered with simple patterned wallpaper, but the wall clocks will be more noticeable against a plain background. The décor in your chosen room should be symmetrical. Avoid hanging the clocks in the same wall where large furniture and other wall decors are present.
  2. Stick with the main color palette of the room but experiment with pieces made of interesting materials. Decorative wall clocks made in the same shape but different sizes and colors will create a stunning focal point in any modern room.
  3. Look around the room for a geometric pattern. Hang the clocks in a way that imitates the shape. For instance, if your room has diamond-patterned curtains, you can form the wall clocks in the same diamond-shaped arrangement.
  4. Remember that clocks can become annoying when they are ticking in unison. If you are using the clocks in a travel-themed room, it is best to limit the number of clocks to only 5 or less then set to various time zones. If you are going to use several clocks, it is best to remove the batteries.
  5. For additional kick, add a large, empty picture frame to create a modern effect.

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Decorative wall clocks can be used to enhance the beauty of a room without spending too much. While a plain wall clock may look boring alone, arranging them together in a geometric pattern will be striking. This can even take a deeper meaning if you are a passionate collector of wall clocks. When these things are used smartly, they can add an interesting impression to your house.

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