The Coolest 5 Acrylic Coffee Tables

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Acrylic coffee tables are the new kid on the block in the mainstream interior design world, and it’s quickly becoming bolder, braver, and more popular.

Acrylic is a clear and strong plastic that can easily and inexpensively be used to create unusual shapes, giving designers even more creativity in what they design and manufacture, and more choice for consumers.

The most popular feature that paved the way for acrylic furniture was the clear dining room chairs, originally designed by Phillipe Starck, and now all kinds of furniture made from acrylic are available to purchase.

The beauty of acrylic furniture is that it it subtle, yet quirky enough to stand out and be a prominent feature in any room. It’s glossy and reflective surface also reflects light, so it can blossom in bright and well lit rooms, or it can reflect and project the small amounts of light in darker rooms to brighten the room, instead of absorbing color like other popular materials like wood, stone, leather, and metal.

Plastic isn’t sexy, and we tend to associate plastic in interior design with poorer quality, cheapness, a lack of design, and unstylish; acrylic furniture has proved that this is no longer the case.

Acrylic coffee tables are growing in demand and popularity and we can completely understand why people are going crazy for their own.

We’re huge fans of coffee tables and what they can bring to a living room. Just one addition can totally transform the layout, style, and function of a coffee table.

Something that seems so minor, can change what you do and how your living rooms ultimately makes you feel. A formal seating area can be transformed into an informal area for laying and reading, or a family area can be transformed into a space for socializing, just by simply providing a table in the center of the room.

The “invisible” style of the acrylic coffee table, which is often completely transparent, does not resonate with any other previous trend, which makes it even more futuristic and new.

This makes it a perfect suitor for more contemporary living rooms. There’s an option to overhaul your entire room with a modern makeover where an acrylic coffee table will look right at home. Or, the simple purchase of an acrylic coffee table can help to bring a stagnant and plain home right up to the modern day and beyond.

If your living room needs a quick update to freshen it up, or you need to bring more light and space into the room, a clear acrylic coffee table could be the solution you need.

Clear tables don’t bring too much texture and color to the room, and because it’s transparent it’s not a prominent feature, and why it’s a perfect partner for a minimal styled home.

Just make sure you add a few prominent features on the table’s surface, to prevent you bumping into it!

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